Thursday, June 9, 2011

One week down! Two to go!

Good evening!

It's only been one week and a day since we've been here, but we've done so much already! We've almost finished the seedling structure and seedling boxes at the Agriculture and Natural Resources Institute (ANRI). We've taught a few classes at Epworth Methodist Primary School. We've also had some time to explore and see Billy Barquedier National Park, Tobacco Caye and various parts of Dangriga.  The people here are incredibly friendly and greet you with good morning, good evening or good night depending on the time of day. Ok I'm not a great writer, so I'll explain this past week in pictures:

The entire group (minus Peacework members, Hannah and Jeff) with the Mayor of Dangriga.  Our first full day!
Children working in the St. Matthew's garden.  Dr. Popp said that this was the first year that the UA team came and there were things already planted in the garden. Success!
View of Dangriga and the ocean from the Chalenor Hotel rooftop.

The cabana at the Jungle Huts.  This was a local chess club.  The little girl is Mariah, who is the daughter of the owners. 
The swimming hole and waterfall at Billy Barquedier National Park.  The water was very cool and refreshing and the waterfall provided a nice back massage!
Jordan cracking a coconut open using a machete.  Machetes are a very common tool–everyone is a pro at using them!

We took a cooking lesson with the POWA women on Why Not Island.  We learned to make Hudut, a traditional Garifuna dish.  It was a coconut milk soup with onion, garlic, okra and snapper with a big serving of mashed plantain on the side.   The preparing and cooking process was very long and labor intensive.  Here I am grating the coconut using a mahogany board with small, sharp stones used as the grater.  Water is added to the coconut shavings and the milk is squeezed out into a bowl through a strainer.  

Traditional Garifuna dancers.  There were also drummers. One of the dancers was our cook at ANRI and she was the best at shaking her hips! The Punta dance was my favorite.
The girls doing Andrea's hair.  They pretty much dreaded it...
Me with Mr. Usher's three daughters at the Jungle Huts.  They are a hand-full, but so damn cute!